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At this point in time your probably wondering who I am? I am me. That is who I am. Moving on....this is a BEAUTY blog, mostly posts about nail polish items, but some makeup. If you aren't interested in the previously stated, I have come to believe the X button in the corner of the window may be one of your best friends. If I find something I think is interesting, that is cosmetic related, I will post it here. Hauls on makeup and nail polish will be posted here. Reviews on makeup and nail polish will be posted here, (you probably get the idea by now.) Any cosmetic item you would like to be reviewed I will try my hardest to review. Now, if I don't have that item, I'm not going out to buy it if it is too expensive. M.A.C. I may buy to review, because I LOVE M.A.C.!!! (Don't you just love my enthusiasm?) My opinions are my opinions, and I am entitled to them, as are you, but harsh, rude and disrespectful comments will be DELETED, and you may be blocked. With this being said, please keep in mind that not everyone here will agree with you. Two words: disagree civilly. Okay, I think I have said what needs to be said.

CONTACT: crisabellcontact@gmail.com

Disclaimer for all products reviewed and hauled:
All products are either sent to me, I purchased, or were a gift, BUT all opinions are my HONEST thoughts. I am not being paid to promote any products and I am not affiliated with any companies related to these products. Whether these products were gifts, sent, or I purchased them will be stated in each post's disclaimer.

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