Small Bath & Body Works Haul!

**pictures at the end.

So yesterday I decided to pay a visit to my local Bath & Body, and with my coupon, (Buy $15 worth of products, get a $13 or less item free,) I think I got a pretty good deal!

The first 3 items I picked up brought my total to about $15.75.

I picked up a fragrance mist in "Cozy Autumn Vanilla." This scent is very similar to "Warm Vanilla Sugar," but very slightly different. Its personally a little more sweet. (Normally $12.50, 50% off = $6.25)

The second thing I got was a body mist from "Pink," called Give A Little Pink Body Mist. The scent is in "Snowy Violet and Apple Blossom." This truly does smell like a pleasant perfume. It's kind of like a floral apple. It's quite hard to describe. ($8.00)

The third thing I decided to get was a purple pump. All you do is put the pump in replacement of the lotion cap...and voila! You have a pump. ($1.50)

And free item was another fragrance mist called "Into the Wild." I had been eyeing this scent since it came out, and decided to finally get it. It is a very fruity smell, but not like White Citrus. Kind of like a fruity perfume. It's again hard to describe, but it's really nice. (FREE!)

Oh, and of course they gave me a coupon booklet for the holidays. :)


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