Bath and Body Works - "Island Paradise" Review

Bath & Body Works came out with a large collection of three scents about a couple months ago called "Island Paradise." I remember roughly 6 months before the release of this collection, there was a collection called "Island Escape." The scents were: Hawaii Coconut, Fiji Passion Fruit, and Bali Mango. I don't know what happened to those scents. Maybe the modified them...?

Anyway, I prefer the Island Paradise scents. I never really cared for the Fiji Passion Fruit, from the Island Escape collection. It smelled sort of sour. Given that only one scent was changed completely, I assume that "Rio Rumberry" replaced it Fiji Passion Fruit . The other two scents in this new collection are
Aruba Coconut and Bali Mango, both of which smell good. These are available for purchase at their official website or in store.

The products and prices consist of:
Body Lotion ($11), Shower Gel ($11), Fragrance Mist ($12.50) Triple Moisture Body Cream ($12.50) and Glowing Body Scrub ($14.) There is also a miniature Shimmer Mist, but I think that is from the "Island Escape" collection. I do always recommend using a coupon with a promotion to get a good deal.

I really like the packaging; it has a nice theme. On all of these products, the whole bottle/tube is a solid color. Depending on what scent you have it would be purple, blue or orange. They have used zebra print (Bali Mango), cheetah/leopard print (Rio Rumberry), and a "palm tree print" (Aruba Coconut) for the designs on each bottle.


 Aruba Coconut: "Our exclusive Aruba Coconut is an island blend of creamy coconut, exotic lychee and white musk."

  • Top Notes: Juicy Thai Mango, Fuji Apple, White Nectarine
  • Mid Notes: Passionflower, Vanilla Orchid, Casaba Melon
  • Dry Notes: Coconut Cream, Tahitian Vanilla, Indonesian Sandalwood

What I Smell: Apples and oranges mixed with a subtle coconut scent.
Bali Mango: "Our exclusive Bali Mango is an exotic getaway of juicy mango, sugar cane, pink passionflower and luscious nectarine." 

  • Top: Sparkling Tangerine, Asian Apple, Peony
  • Mid Notes: Thai Lychee, Passion Flower, Pink Rose, Nectarine
  • Dry Notes: Raspberry Coulis, Skin Musk, Sugar Woods

What I Smell: A "sweet & warm" floral and fruity scent. Great for Spring.

Rio Rumberry: "Our exclusive Rio Rumberry is an exotic blend of tropical berries, fresh papaya and vanilla blossom."

  • Top Notes: Thai Papaya, Tangelo, Fresh Coconut Water, Sparkling Summer Lemon
  • Mid Notes: Tiare, Flower Plumeria, Watery Starfruit
  • Dry Notes: Coconut Cream, Tahitian Vanilla, Indonesian Sandalwood

What I Smell: Sort of the other two scents combined. Very sweet and fruity. Smells like berries.

Do I Recommend It?
I do recommend this collection. Even if the timing for the release is a little odd, (it was still Winter when they released this collection,) I think it's the perfect way to get ready for spring, which is here, now. Plus, these products have up to two years of shelf life.

(Samples were sent to me for review, but all my opinions are my own and honest. The scent descriptions and scent "notes" were copied word for word off the official website.)

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