Mally - Eye Amplifying Shadow Liner Duos Review

Mally Eye Amplifying Shadow Liner Duos are perfect for any occasion, even for everyday use! They are versatile and have a very creamy texture. Amazing.

I believe these are a QVC exclusive, as they cannot be found on

Website's (QVC) Description-
The eyes have it! Create anything from a soft look to a super-smoldering eye with this Eye Amplifying Shadow Liner duo. The waterproof liners are so versatile that they can be used all over the lid or just on the top and bottom lash lines. From Mally Beauty.

What's included?
2 shadow/liner pencils and 1 pencil sharpener that fits the pencil's thickness.

The sharpener.


These shadow/liner pencils are available at: for $31.82. The price is crazy, and I wouldn't want to pay full price for these. I am sure if this wasn't on QVC, it would only be about $15-$20. I suppose a M.A.C. eyeshadow is $14 dollars, but I wouldn't buy a M.A.C. shadow either.
Rating- 4/10; you'd have to really want this.

The box.

The box has a subtle green snake skin pattern, as most Mally products do. The pencils are similar to NYX jumbo pencils, as far as packaging goes. Most of the pencil is a pale green shade, and there is a strip of the color near the bottom, as the lid is not see-through.  On the other end is a black smudge sponge, which is a nice touch, but I would prefer to use my finger. I suppose if you are using it as a liner the sponge comes in handy, so it's not completely useless to me. When you put the lid on, it’s a tight fit, but sometimes it pops off.
Rating- 9/10

The pencils.
The set I have is in "glitzy/pretty penny." This product also comes in another shade: "stone/deep plum." UPDATE: They came out with two more sets of shades! "Glitzy" is a light tan/beige shade with tons of shimmer! It's very pretty, and the name fits it well. This is so pretty on the inner-corner as a highlight. "Pretty Penny" is exactly what it sounds like: a dark bronze shade that has a nice sheen/ subtle shimmer, but not as shimmery as "Glitzy." Both colors are very pretty and complement each other.
Rating- 8/10

(Left to Right)
"Pretty Penny" and "Glitzy"
The formula is wonderful. The products glide on with no struggle, and can be easily smudged. After 15 seconds or so, the products will no longer budge, or smudge; they stay put. It can dry a little too fast sometimes. I would recommend applying it one eye at a time, blending after the 1st application, and the 2nd.
Rating- 7.5/10

(Left to Right)
"Pretty Penny" and "Glitzy"

Wearing/Lasting Time-
Because of its ability to "dry," it lasts all day. It doesn't go anywhere, and the pigmentation doesn't wear off. These pencils are great for wearing all day, and every day, with no touch-ups. I’ve worked out it with them on, and cried with them on, as well. They do NOT budge!

These are very easy to remove with the correct products; eye make-up remover.
Rating- 8/10

Overall Thoughts-
I love this product! It stays on throughout the whole day; and at the end of the day, it looks the same as it did in the morning. The application is truly amazing, and I honestly don't have any negative comments, other than  I wish there were more colors! I really do wish this product was less expensive, as well, but they are well worth the cost.

Overall Rating- 

Would I recommend this product?
 I would recommend this product to anyone, and everyone, who want long lasting color.

(This product was sent to me for review. All opinions are my own, and honest. Description copied from QVC website.)

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