Laura Geller Spackle - Review and Swatch

I've recently been getting into primers, and this is definitely a favorite of mine!

One key thing about this primer is that it doesn't have that toxic scent many do. Some smell like disgusting chemicals; this one doesn't. It really makes your face feel silky and smooth, and is a great base! I also have dry blotches on my face, and when I applied this right before my foundation you couldn't even see the dryness. I didn't use any moisturizer either. 

Here is the packaging of the product. It is a tall tube. The packaging feels very nice, and good quality. I like it!

I really like products with pumps, like this one. It dispenses the product so much easier. I find that one pump covers my face, so this baby will last quite a long time!

Here is a swatch of the product. As you may be able to see, there are blue and pink flecks in the product. You have to look very closely though, and they aren't visible on the face.
What I Like:
-The product grips foundation or color, and keeps it on all day.
-The pump is very convenient.
-The tube is large, so you will get a lot of uses. I know I don't wear foundation every day, so this will last especially long for me. 
-The packaging is cute, and simple. 
-The product moisturizes very well. It might moisturize more than some of my moisturizers!
-It makes my face silky smooth, and allows foundation to glide on easily.

What I Don't Like:
-The tube is quite large, and it may be difficult to travel with.
-I feel like when this gets used up there will be a fair amount of product left in the bottom that I can't get out.
-This product is intended only for the face; eye and lip primers are sold separately.

This product is very nice, and there's not too much else to say. It really helps with application of foundation, and moisturizes nicely. If you are in the market for a new primer, I would definitely check this one out! They also offer tinted versions.

Price: $25 for 2oz

(This product was sent to me for review by the manufacturer or their PR company. All opinions are my own and honest.)

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