Reveal the Passion By Halle Berry - Review and Photos

Halle Berry has a many different perfumes out now, one of which is Reveal the Passion. This is her 4th perfume, and it came out in February, 2012.

The front side of the box features a stunning picture of Halle Berry. It has a glossy finish, unlike the rest of the box.

This is the back of the box. I'm not familiar with perfume boxes having two sides, but I kind of like it. The back is slightly textured with ridges, which you can see in the photo.

I love the bottle! It's one of the prettiest bottles I've ever seen, and it has such a nice feel.

The lid has a nice big gem on it, and the rest of the bottle is a teardrop-like shape. Everything has a pink tint to it, the lid more-so than the bottle
This scent is indescribable. It smells amazing. It smells very sweet and fresh, yet very deep. When I put it on, it smells like a strongly scented, freshly cut flower, with a musky-ness. It's also very calming.

$16.99 for 0.5oz
$28.00 for 1.0oz

Wear Time-
This perfume lasts all day long, and it stays fairly strong throughout the day.

(This product was supplied by the manufacturer or their PR company for review purposes. All opinions are my own and honest.)

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