Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss Review

I'm going to cut to the chase; these are mediocre lip glosses with a big price tag slapped on them. Read on for all the details.

Smashbox's Description:
Drench your lips in luminous color and shine with LIP ENHANCING GLOSS. This gloss keeps lips soft and smooth. In 3 color formulas for a range of dazzling looks. Enhance your lips like never before. Winner of Allure Magazine''s Editor''s Choice Award for Best Lip Gloss. SHEER COLOR - Full of shine polymers with a hint of glistening color for gorgeous reflective shine. Brush wand flawlessly coats lips.TRUE COLOR - Vitamin E and sunflower seed oil nourish with a touch of creamy color and soft radiant shine. Velour wand perfectly contours lips. FULL COLOR - Saturate lips with high-impact color and brilliant, three-dimensional pearlescent shine. Velour wand ensures color precision and control.

I didn't even realize this at first, but there are three kinds of the gloss: Sheer Color, True Color, and Full Color. Personally, I don't find much of a difference between True Color and Full Color. The description above describes each kind individually.

The packaging is one of the few things I like about this product. They come in a matte-finish box, which has a very nice feel to it. The gloss is cased in a plastic square-shaped tube with a soft matte cap that gets dirty quite easily, but is easy to grip. Depending on the kind of gloss you purchase, it will either have a brush or doe-foot applicator. These are slim, and easy to fit into a purse or pocket.

These lip glosses cost $18.00. That's very expensive, and personally, I don't think the quality is very good. Read on.

These glosses come in 17 different shades, which is nice. They have clear, brown, and everything in between. I have swatches of 7 of the shades.

Sultry - A dark brown with gold flecks. There are subtle green and pink flecks as well.
Radiant - A medium pink with a gold sheen. Again, subtle flecks of green and pink.
Tease - A dark sheer berry color. This is the only color I have with a brush applicator.
35MM - A bronzey metallic shade.
Aura - Nude with lots of pink flecks. There are a few green flecks as well.
Starlit - This reminds me of a red carpet. It's a medium red with a lot of gold flecks.

Electric - This color is crazy! It's a hot pink with tons of gold, blue, green and purple flecks!


These glosses smell and taste like plastic. It's really unpleasant. Honestly, would it kill them to add a little fragrance oil? 

(Left to Right, Natural Light)
Sultry, Radiant, Tease, 35MM, Aura, Starlit and Electric

Some of these glosses are smooth, some feel glittery. I would say all of them blend well, and apply easily.

Wearing Time-
These wear off after 30 minutes to 1 hour. They are quick and easy to re-apply after they wear off.

Would I Recommend This Product-
These glosses are something you should decide on your own whether or not to purchase them. This product is not horrible, it just has some minor things, like the scent/taste, some people may not like. I am going to be using these glosses; they are decent quality. I just don't think you would expect this quality from such a big brand, like Smashbox. The glosses don't enhance your lips as the products states, either. They do come in a variety of colors, which is a big plus. Honestly, I wouldn't spend almost twenty dollars on a lip gloss that I could basically get a Wal-Mart, but if you want to spend your money on this...hey! it's your call.

(These products were sent to me to review, but all my opinions are my own, and honest.)


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